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 temporary assistant to the youth director
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My wife Claudia and I have been married for 21 years. Our children are Sonia, 19, and Gabriel, 18.  We’ve lived in Colville for 17 years. On Sabbath we travel about two hours to attend church at Summit Northwest Ministries.

For nearly eleven years I was a self-employed computer tech until more recently I decided to pursue a youthful dream of studying the law. Not wanting to bear the expense of Law School this late in life I took up Paralegal Studies receiving a basic certificate and advanced certificates in Family Law, Victim Advocacy, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, and Constitutional Law. I am a volunteer on the 24-hour Crisis Helpline for Rural Resources Victim Services.

I am a lifelong learner, having taught myself two programming languages so I could author the PBE Quiz Engine (created in 2010). I’ve also earned multiple areas of car repair because I got tired of paying large sums for car repairs. I have a BA in Political Science from the University of Washington.

I love books, especially audio books because I can do something else while I listen but also enjoy my Kindle because I always have a library of reading material at my finger tips. My Bible software contains several hundreds of resources I’ve acquired since becoming an Adventist in 1990 and enjoy being able to research any Biblical topic with little effort.

I have a dream to hike in the Pacific Crest Trail with my wife.

I transitioned from Pathfinder Bible Experience Coach for the Colville Cougars in 2012 to Pathfinder Bible Experience Coordinator 2013 for UCC Pathfinders after having coached the Colville Cougars’ team for 5 years. I’ve spent nine years working with Pathfinders.

I am passionate about helping young people dive into God’s word not wanting them to have a superficial understanding and enjoy watching their faces light up when they catch a glimpse of Jesus. Having come to my relationship with Jesus later in life I am in pursuit of my experience with God and look for opportunities to encourage others in their relationship with Him.



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