Adventist Healthy Lifestyle Series

Positive Choices 2020

January 7

Sunlight and Vitamin D
The Oldest Scientific Experiment

January 14

Connecting with God



Guard Your Heart 2019

September 3

Introduction to Heart Disease

September 10

Review of Test Results
Whole Person Health
What is Spirituality

September 17

Nutrition and Heart Disease
The Law of Life
Elijah and the Widow

September 24

High Blood Pressure
Time Management
Mary and Martha

October 1

Exercise - Use Those Muscles
The Law of the Mind

October 8

Weight Management
Your True Value
Nicodemus/ The Woman of Samaria

October 15

Diabetes - Prevention and Treatment
Motivating Lifestyle Change

October 22

Reversing Heart Disease
The Love Relationships
The Love Relationships continued

October 29

Whose Money is it Anyway

November 5

Alcohol and Your Heart
Toys and Tools
Real Spiritual Tools


2019 Vegetarian Cooking School and Healthy Lifestyle Class

Session 1

Cooking: Soup Supper
Why be Healthy?
Advantages of a Vegetarian Diet

Session 2

Cooking: Asian Banquet
Health in the United States
The Most Important Health Principle

Session 3

Cooking: Middle Eastern Celebration
Heart Disease Primer
Spiritual Nutrition (Part 1)

Session 4

Cooking: Breakfast Buffet
Physical Fitness
Exercise and Faith

Session 5

Cooking: Spring Surprise
Spiritual Nutrition (Part 2)
God’s Packaging vs. Man’s Packaging   

Session 6

Cooking: Farmers Market & Picnic
Water - The Perfect Drink
Q&A continued
Spiritual Water

Session 7

Cooking: Southwest Fiesta
The Origin of Disease
Top Dog

Session 8

Cooking: Mediterranean Dinner
Will Power
Plant Based Nutrition - Where do I Start?

Positive Choices 2017

Session 1

Sunlight and Vitamin D
Can Anyone Really Predict the Future?

Session 2

Stroke Prevention
The Promise of Immortality

Session 3

Cancer and Lifestyle
What's so Amazing About Grace?

Session 4

Osteoporosis cont.
Can The Majority be Wrong?

Session 5

Diabetes and Obesity
How the World Will End

Session 6

Death and What Then?

Session 7

Dementia / Alzheimer's Disease
The End of Sin and Suffering

Session 8

What About Vitamins and Supplements?
God's End Time Health Message