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Share the Life through adult Sabbath School? Inspiration encourages our churches, “The Sabbath School should be one of the greatest instrumentalities, and the most effectual, in bringing souls to Christ.” Counsels on Sabbath School Work, p. 10.

During a special MiVoden weekend in March, Elder J. Alfred Johnson, NAD SS Director, shared in a dynamic workshop, Sabbath School: A Relational Approach. Simple principles** when embraced are bringing the 20-40 year-old members back to fellowshipping during the Sabbath School hour. Intrigued? Prayerfully listen to Elder Johnson’s message under the audio files to the right.

**Components include a circular classes, ideal class sizes of twelve, greeting every member and visitor, taking time to discover the answer to the question, “How was your week,” intercessory prayer, next day follow-up and other simple practices.

From its inception Sabbath School has focused on four emphases that are still prominent to this day: fellowship development, community outreach, Bible study, and foreign mission. A solid balance of these elements characterizes the most vital Sabbath Schools around the world.

Based on these four emphases, from its beginning in 1853, Sabbath School membership has exploded from a handful of believers in upstate New York to an estimated 14 million today. Former General Conference President Jan Paulsen has said that Sabbath School is like breakfast. For more than 150 years it has provided the spiritual nourishment that is needed to meet the challenges that arise during the rest of the week.

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Sabbath School: A Relational Approach
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