The Bible Reading Cat

by Jack Phillips,

The Bible Reading Cat
"Angel is the name of my cat," she said.

A few weeks ago I got a Bible study request card from a person named Angel Shelby.  When I arrived at the house and knocked, a lady came to the door, but she seemed a bit disturbed when I said I was delivering a Bible study that Angel requested.

“There is no one here by that name,” she said, “Are you sure you have the right address?”

I read her the address and then said, “Is your last name Shelby? Because that’s the name on the card I got.”

“Yes, my last name is Shelby, but Angel is the name of my cat,” she said. “Someone must have played a joke on you or me.”

We laughed and talked about how it might have happened.  Then I said, “well, I’m sure your cat has not received her Bible studies yet, so would you mind if I left them with you?  Maybe you can help her if she has trouble reading them.”

She laughed and took the study and began to read the cover a bit.

“Seriously,” I said, “why don’t you take a look at this study this week and I’ll come back next week and see if you would like to continue with the next one.”

“Alright that would be fine,” she said.

The next week when I came back, she seemed busy and not so friendly as the previous visit, be she agreed to let me leave another study with her.

The following week when I arrived, she invited me to come in and have a piece of apple pie.  As I enjoyed the pie, she proceeded to tell me her life story and about her feelings about God.  After she was finished she said she appreciated the studies and that she would like to continue to receive them. 

“I’d be happy to bring you a new study each week,” I said with a smile.  “And I’m glad Angel is not the only one enjoying them.”

* Name changed for privacy.