New Life By The Lake

by Christine Lomeland

New Life By The Lake

They were just here for the weekend to get as drunk as they could and forget about their problems.

I was in Chelan knocking on doors in a neighborhood of vacation homes by the lake. It was evening and I could hear two guys further down the street. They were maybe in their early thirties, shirtless, and obviously drunk. They were yelling at each other and making lots of noise. I really didn't want to go and talk to them and was praying that God would help me because I knew I couldn't do it by myself.  I don't think I'd ever even talked to a drunk person before this summer!

When I finally got to their house, one guy was on the phone and he told me, “Go talk to my brother.” So I went around the house and found him. I showed him the Final Events DVD by Doug Batchelor, and he said it looked kind of interesting.

As we were talking about it, the first brother came and joined us.  They told me their mom was dying of cancer and they wanted to be able to help her. That’s when I showed them the Peace Above the Storm (Steps to Christ) magabook. 

One of them said, “That would be perfect for the mom.”  But the other guy was already flipping through it.  He said, “Actually there's stuff in here I think would really help me… I just got a divorce because my wife cheated on me.”  By then they had completely calmed down and were talking fairly normal.

As our conversation continued, I found out they were both from Seattle and they were just there for the weekend.  It was their parents’ vacation home and they came to drink as much as they could so they could forget about all their problems.

They said they really wanted the Peace Above the Storm magabook.  One of them said he was going to read it that night!  

I asked to pray with them and they said they wanted to pray for their mom but also that they could have peace and happiness like I had talked about.  

Afterward one of them told me it must've been fate that brought me there because they weren't even supposed to be there! They were going to leave earlier that morning but they didn’t, and then I just showed up out of nowhere. They said they wanted to start going back to church. And they thanked me again and again for coming to their door.  Praise the Lord for his perfect timing!