The Greatest Spirit Visits Spokane Powwow

by Jeff Bentley

At a Native American Powwow in Spokane, UCC Bible Workers were blessed to share GLOW tracks and a testimony about the Greatest Spirit's power.

When I heard there was a Native American Powwow at the downtown Spokane Riverfront Park, and that some of our Native American church members would have a booth there, I knew I wanted to be there too. After church, I found a friend, John McGovern, who was willing to go with me to hand out some GLOW tracts and talk with some of the people at the Powwow.

I cautioned John about the sensitive nature of what we were doing, after all we were going where, to the minds of many, a sacred event was taking place. We prayed, and determined to be as wise as serpents and harmless as doves… yet bold as lions!

We came across a group of a dozen or so teen age Native Americans sitting and talking in a little secluded spot in some trees. As we had with others, we simply said, "Hey, here's some inspiring reading for you." As we handed each one a GLOW tract, there was some laughing and various comments. Their obvious leader sat in the middle of them all and said, "We have different beliefs. I'm doing great; I even do the smoke ceremony every morning." But, they didn't try to give the tracts back, so we just said, "That's cool." And we proceeded to the ceremonial dancing area where we got some pictures and a little video footage to share with the church the next Sabbath.

We then visited the booth that our Native American church members had set up and we were pleasantly surprised to hear that there was a lot of interest in the literature they were offering. They gave us a stack of Native American health magazines which were readily accepted by people coming by the booth.

As we were leaving the event and handing out our last few pieces of literature, we ran into the same group of teens in a different location. This time we offered the Native American health magazines and when the leader accepted one, they all did. Then he asked me why I thought that what I had found was any better than what he had.

I thought, “Hallelujah, an opening to share the power of God.”

I think the Holy Spirit spoke through me because, though it seemed a bit risky, I just started sharing some of my testimony using a bit of their own verbiage. I told them I had been led by a "great spirit" for 20 years. I told them how that great spirit had demonstrated mighty powers, but that when I encountered the Greatest Spirit, I realized the other one was trying to kill me! I told them I had found the things I had searched for all my life once I tapped into the power of the Spirit that the Bible reveals. I said, "I have found love, joy and peace that the other spirit couldn't give me.  And it is so much better than what the other spirit was doing for me that I took hold of the greatest Spirit, and have refused to let him go.

"You can find that peace too,” I said, “If you seek Him, you will find Him."

Though we would love to have prayed with them, it seemed best at that point to go our way and be content with what they had allowed us to share.  We could see deep conviction in their eyes.  And as we parted I said, "Choose wisely friends."