I Think You Have The Truth

by Jed Genson

The Chaneys and the Gensons

Jim and Lorrie Chaney's 18-year journey to find the “Truth" led them to the Adventist church and a new home with the Pasco Riverview congregation.

As a Bible worker at the Pasco Riverview church I usually have to go looking for Bible study interests, so it is very refreshing when one just pops up out of the blue.

Our church secretary answered the office phone one day, and a voice on the other end of the line said, “I think you folks have the truth and we need to talk to someone!”

Since our pastor was on vacation, the church secretary asked my wife and I to contact the man, and I set up an appointment to meet with Jim and Lorrie Chaney.

Our first meeting lasted 2 hours in which they shared with us their 18-year journey to find the “Truth.” Both of them were earnest students of the Bible. Whenever they found instruction in the scriptures, they tried to apply the teaching to their life.

Lorrie, being raised in a staunch Lutheran home, found through her studies that some of the things she had learned while growing up did not go along with what the Bible taught, so she began asking questions of different pastors. Once, they went to a church pastor and asked him about the Bible’s teaching about eating unclean meats. The pastor told them, “Well, that was for the Jews, not for us.” Lorrie responded, “Well my body isn’t any different than the Jews, so if God said it, there must be good reason for it!” They also discovered truths about the Sabbath and about what happens when you die, just from reading the Bible on their own.

One day while at her parents’ house Lorrie found the book, Beyond Pitcairn. Her dad said it was “garbage” and he was going to throw it away. Jim’s ears perked up and he thought, “If he thinks its garbage it must be good.” Together, Jim and Lorrie read the book and that was the first time they had heard of the Adventist church.

As we talked and went over some of the truths that Seventh-day Adventists hold dearly, Lorrie began to cry and said, “I feel like we are home! We haven’t found any one else that believes what we have been learning from the Bible.”

We have studied together now for several months and have become good friends. They are like family to us. We have given them many DVDs from Amazing Facts, and Anchor Point films, as well as copies of the book The Great Controversy, The Desire of Ages, and Steps to Christ.

And we are so happy that they chose to become members of our church Family this past year. Praise God!