Covered with Tattoos

by Kris Akenberger

Tattoos and the Bible

He was not what you would think of as a prime Bible study candidate. The man who came to the door was covered with tattoos from his neck to his hands. He used quite colorful language and didn’t look very friendly to say the least. But we couldn’t let that stop us from delivering the Gospel.

My friend Jim and I were knocking on doors to find people who were interested in studying the Bible. Despite his scary exterior, we knew this man needed the good news of the Gospel as much as any one of us and that Jesus had brought us here to deliver that message.

“Hello,” I said with a smile, “this is my friend Jim, and we are doing a community survey in the neighborhood, and I wonder if you would be willing to answer a few short questions?” 

As we did the survey we started to learn that “Andrew” was not such a bad guy.  We discovered he had recently read the popular Left Behind series and was interested in Bible prophecy.  As we continued, the Lord worked a miracle and Andrew invited us in.  One question lead to another, and we ended up giving Andrew a Bible study on the second chapter of Daniel—right there on the spot. 

I could see evidence of conviction all over Andrews’s face as we finished up the study.  He was extremely uncomfortable when I called him to a decision and asked him if he wanted to study the Bible together some more.  

His first answer was “no” so I said, “But you have just seen a how God performed a miracle here in God’s word.  I can show you many more miracles just like that.  Are you sure?”

Andrew persisted with his no answer, and I don’t like to twist people’s arms too hard, so I was about to stop when Jim spoke up.  He said “be quiet Kris, I have something to say.”  

Jim’s face was red with conviction and his aging voice quivered as he pleaded:  “Andrew,” he said, “this is something very special. This is the chance of a life time.  Please son, don’t let this chance pass you by.” 

The Holy Spirit used Jim’s words to cut to Andrews’s heart and change his mind.  Andrew decided to sign up for Bible studies after all.  Now, we meet with Andrew every week in a Chinese restaurant and I can see God continuing to work in Andrew’s life.  Despite his gruff exterior, Andrew is actually a tender hearted person who is seeking answers.   A few years ago Andrew lost a son and he is really hurting inside.  So please pray for Jim and Andrew and I as we continue to study together.